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> Floor Based Option Execution



I.A. Englander concentrates on S&P 500 Index (SPX) options and other index products providing clients with direct access to market liquidity.  Participating in these index products, particularly during times of extreme market volatility, provides both buy side clients and sell side proprietary trading desks with an attractive hedge against an existing portfolio of assets. 

The firm distinguishes itself specifcally in SPX trading due to its commanding share of the market.  Englander receives order flow from many of the major US and European investment banks and clients that speak directly with Englander’s floor brokers have access not just to the liquidity on the exchange floor but also the liquidity represented by the order flow of Englander’s other clients.  Other products I.A. Englander brokers can facilitate order flow on behalf of clients includes CBOE SPX Volatility Index (VIX), Nasdaq 100 Stock Index (NDX), and Russell 2000 Index (RTY).