Strategic Relationships

> EAB Investment Group


EAB Investment Group* is an independent registered investment advisor with whom IAE has a strategic relationship. EAB uses proprietary investment techniques to help investors add Alpha and protect capital. EAB uses best of breed technology to manage and research the most efficient hedging techniques.

The market has transformed from a fundamental based investment environment to a technically traded one, where returns have suffered and draw downs have exploded due to the “whipsaw” effect.

EAB recognizes sweeping changes in the global environment. Heightened market uncertainty is challenging hedge funds, every class of investors, as well as seasoned and sophisticated institutions as never before. The principals of EAB have extensive experience that helps investors broaden their definitions of risk and sharpen their methods of managing it.

Emerging Hedge Managers, specifically, find value in this service with lower return volatility, increased risk adjusted returns, and ultimately increasing the strategy's attractiveness to institutional investors.

*IAE does not own or control any part of EAB Investment Group. EAB’s principals are registered with IAE; however the operations, management, advice and other production of EAB is completely independent from IAE.